LightUp 2.2 Sketchup Plug ins

LightUp 2.2 Sketchup Plug ins

LightUp 2.2The long anticipated 2.2 version of LightUp has just been released. Developer Adam Billyard has been teasing us on the forums with some sneak previews of the new version so users of this excellent, real-time rendering plugin for Google SketchUp have been looking forward to the new features badly. These include:

  • Planar Reflections
  • Realtime sun shadows
  • Uuse up to 24 cores for lighting
  • 30% faster startup – lots of fixes – updates for Players and WebPlayers

Have a look at two demo videos below about these new features:

เป็นโปรแกรมเรนเดอร์ที่แสดงแสงให้เราเห็นเวลาเรากำลังจัดแสงได้อย่าง Real time เลยทีเดียวก็ควรมีเก็บกันไว้นะ

LightUp 2.2 Sketchup Plug ins

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